Preparation & After Care



Exfoliate to remove any traces of other  products such as deodorant, perfumes, moisturisers etc... Really anything on your skin that could effect your perfect tan....

Skin Products


Wash off any deodorants, perfumes and moisturiser's or make up if having your face tanned.

Waxing / Shaving


Waxing to be performed 2 - 3 days prior to receiving your spay tan and shaving 24 hours prior to your spray tan to eliminate spotting and/or blotching.

When To Get Your Tan

 The day before your big event.

After you wash off the excess tan it will seem quite light, don't panic. Your spray tan will continue to process over the next 7 hour gradually getting dark. So if you have a big event coming up you should get your spray tan the day before.

What To Wear


During the spray  tan you can wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Some wear a bikini, swimsuit, g-string, C-String, Bra & Panties or Naked. We offer disposable g-strings, sticky souls to protect the souls of your feet and hairnets. Available to purchase are Tan Dresses in a range of sizes, specially designed to protect your spay tan from seat belts marks, longer at the back to protect rubbing on your legs from car seats etc and extra lining in the bust area  eliminating the need for a bra. These lovely dresses also protect car upholstery and furniture. Washable c-strings are also available to purchase for your convenience.

After a spray tan, loose fitting clothing and open shoes i.e. thongs are highly recommended.

After Care


To get the most out of your tan avoid showering in hot watering using harsh body washes or soaps. We recommend simply allow the water to wash off the excess product and use our Tan Saver Body Wash designed to cleanse the skin while extending the life of your tan. Free from sodium lauryl sulphate, a harsh foaming agent that strips the skin of it's natural oils and reduces the life of a spray on tan. Enriched with, Alo Vera and Papaya Fruit Extract available in Coconut & Lime or Peach & Vanilla. A full range of moisturiser's are available from deluxe body butters containing exotic ingredients known for their anti ageing to moisturising body milk.